New contract

The agreement shall remain in effect for 24 months from the date of the first activation of the devices. If no termination is made, the agreement shall automatically renew  for another year, and so from year to year. Any termination by the customer  has to be announced at least 60 days before the contract expire date  by registered mail with notice of receipt, or by fax.

Following integration

If the Customer, after the first supply of WiFi On Board Devices, requires the additional supplies, he must sign  for each of them a “post-integration” to the “Subscription Agreement to the WiFi On Board services”. The integration contract will be valid for one year and it will expire at the same date of the main contract a.

Contract termination

If the Customer subscribed more than one contract, he shall terminate just the individual  subscriptions. Any termination of that kind  must be communicated to Emergo s.r.l. .


For the services covered by this Agreement, the Client will pay a bimonthly fee that will be arranged in accordance with our  price list  and calculated according to the number of WiFi On Board devices activated by the customer. The bi-monthly  fees will take effect – and it will be charged – from the date of activation of the WiFi On Board device. The cost of the rent does not include any taxes covered by the tax regulations. The price of the bimonthly fee remains the same  for the first  year of  the contract. For the following years, Emergo reserves the right to change it. In this case Emergo will send a prior written notice to the customer at least three months before the annual deadline. The customer, in case of disagreement, will have the right to communicate to Emergo any cancellation at least 60 days before the annual deadline, as required by art. 2 for withdrawal. If the fee changes notification to the customer occur at the time of renewal and / or at the time of the advance billing, the customer can give notice within 7 days after having received the communication and / or the invoice with the revised fee.


The customer, in the case of non-use of one or more WiFi On Board devices, has the right to ask Emergo the complete decommissioning of  one or more WiFi on Board devices subscription , by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or PEC email, preceded by fax / e-mail. The notice sent Emergo, in order to be valid,  it  shall indicate the serial number of the WiFi On Board device that the customer intends to turn off and the WiFi On Board contract number conclude  with Emergo. From the second two-month period following the date of deactivation  letter receipt by Emergo, Emergo will end to charge the subscription fee of the disabled WiFi On Board device/devices. The provision of services covered by this contract may be interrupted, restricted or suspended in whole or in part, without notice or compensation, if the customer has made inappropriate actions, such as any activity even potentially harmful to Emergo srl, owner of the systems.


The payment for the services will be charged to the customer by sending the invoice by mail. The invoice shall be deemed received elapsed 10 (ten) days from its delivery. Emergo will send to the customer invoices and / or communications to the addresses he communicated. Before the end of WiFi On Board device  monthly activation, Emergo will issue the invoice with the charged fee for the rental  and  the license fee since the date of activation of the WiFi On Board device, included  the last day of the two-month period since  the date of activation of the WiFi on Board device. After the first billing, the bimonthly subscription fee will be charged in advance by means of invoice (eg .: by January 31 for the January-February period). The payment should occur at 30 EOM. Thresholds  exceeding costs provided by telephone contracts, credit charge  and on-demand service, will be calculated and charged successively in the final statement.