WiFi On Board devices

WiFi On Board hardware is specifically designed for vehicular use: it complies the ASE Certification, it has been approved by any vehicles producer and it can be installed on any motor vehicle or watercraft.

The differences between the models consist on the user management features and the wifi dual-band technology. All the models can be fully configurated by our technicians on each customer’s needs and can also be extended to all technologies installed on their motor vehicles o watercraft such as payment systems, tracking, telemetry and video control: check the optional devices section

  • Router 4G
  • Professional 4G / LTE Router
  • ASE Certified
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance Certified
  • Railway Application Certified
  • Dual SIM Back-Up
  • Integrated GPS
  • Up to 60 connected users
  • Datasheet download
  • Router 4G
  • Professional 4G/LTE Router
  • ASE Certified
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance Certified
  • Railway Application Certified
  • Double SIM Back-Up
  • Integrated GPS
  • Up to 150 connected users
  • Access point WiFi Dual Band
  • Datasheet download
  • Router Dual 4G-LTE Dual-WiFi
  • Professional Router with 2 4G/LTE modems
  • ASE Certified
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance Certified
  • Railway Application Certified
  • Double SIM Back-Up for each modem
  • Integrated GPS
  • Up to 150 connected users
  • Access point WiFi Dual Band
  • Datasheet download

WiFi On Board devices include an high-sensitive GPS locator which enables the customer to know, in real time, the position of the vehicle on a dedicated cartography. All the transfers are recorded and you can always check the route history play back. The antennas are linked with connectors in order to permit the future installation of higher performance external antennas that could improve the quality service on more complex structures such as yachts, double-decker vehicles, trains.

Routers use the 3G/4G/LTE technology in order to provide the best performance in every situation. The Dual Modem versions can be upgraded (with more navigation speed) by using the data service of two different mobile operators at the same time.

WiFi On Board devices offer high performance and safety in use.

Get always the highest speed

Offer the highest navigation speed by using two or more phone operators at the same time.

Our devices ensure the best connectivity during the vehicle’s route.

Your customers will no more complain about the service but they will navigate with the best performance and the security of a multi-operator coverage.



The passenger can easily access the WiFi service by the most popular social network login, using the email address or with a sms as an alternative.

Although it is free, the WiFi service must comply with all the rules of privacy and security, allowing the end user to enjoy it easily and safely.

Once the user features has been set, you do not need to provide further information: the customer who registers will be identified all over your WiFi network.


The Token WiFi feature allows you to provide the passenger a connectivity service with unique keys for any access.

With Token WiFi, your customer must use the provided personal key in order to access the wifi network/service

The passenger will be connect o the network only with the personal key and only according to the prearranged rules.

Token WiFi allows you to

  • Enable the use of Wifi only after the service purchase and the access key supply
  • Automatically print the personal keys to access WiFi service on the travel documents
  • Offer the service only to restricted number of customer


WiFi On Board devices include an integrated location system which allows you to geo-locate in real time your motor vehicles and watercrafts.

The visualization software does not require any type of installation and it is accessible from any browser, tablet or smartphone.

Once you enter the visual display of your fleet through the web browser you can check in real time the position of your vehicles or easily access their data records, reviewing the route history play back and downloading the recorded data.

The web-based software does not require any type of installation and it is accessible from any browser, tablet or smartphone.

Allowing your customer to display the position of the vehicle he/she is waiting for it is easy and cheap: the data can be exported in real time to your business portal or to your management program.

Read more about optional configuration and discover the most advanced devices


The increasingly higher speed of connection allows users to access even higher web contents.

Nowadays, Internet services users demands

  • high speeds,
  • ease access,
  • interesting and interactive contents.

For all these reasons even a simple search on a browser implicate a really high data traffic.

A mobile WiFi connection, with a restricted band and a pre-defined data package, required a regulation of the service use in order to limit the consumption and to share the traffic among all the users.

WiFi On Board Data Center regulates the access to the WiFi network with the help of specialized personnel. If you want to offer or resell the service you do not need set up, test or maintain the WiFi network security updated.

According with the minimum services pre-defined with the customer, WIFI On Board offers you an easy and well-performing with the following functions:

  • WiFi service access regulation
  • Protection of the phone operator’s data package
  • Record of user on-board access
  • Record of the history route location data
  • Constant update of the connected devices’ firmware
  • Functions, visual display and services customization


WiFi connection on vehicles depends on the ability to enable a connecting channel between the devices which provide the wireless service and the Internet network..

The available technologies are really varoius and depend on where the medium moves and by the technology of the network. In any case it has become a common technology and we have the possibility to enjoy the WiFi network on rental cars, trains, boats or planes.

In other cases, the connection service must guarantee payment systems, emergency and video control services.,

With Wifi On Board Multi Link you will be able to manage any technology or connection situation.

Our specifically programmed devices (even in the most UPDATED versions) are able to:

  • Manage Provider with different technologies
  • Managing satellite links
  • Manage high speed mobile access systems
  • Manage up to 4 SIM of mobile operators on the same device
  • Increase the connection speed combining the different technologies

The figure shows an example of using the WiFi On Board technology on a watercraft. In order to provide WiFi service on boat that is moving from the port to the offshore, you can use three technologies:

  1. The WiFi service (free or for a fee) that is located in the proximity of a port
  2. The UMTS 3G/4G telephone network which can ensure connectivity up to few kilometers from the coast
  3. The satellite data channel

The satellite data technology is economical and easy to activate: WiFi On Board automatically selects the best available channel in order to offer the best connectivity in all situations.