Is it necessary to have an authorization in order to resell the wifi?

No, it is not necessary. The wifi service is free; the supplier takes charge of verifying the legal use of the contents.

Is it possible to purchase the router?

Yes, it is possible to purchase all the hardware and the accessories.

Is it possible to rent the installation accessories such as the aerials?

No, it isn’t: given the fact that the accessories depend on the installation type, it is possible only to purchase them.

Do the devices work with all the telephone services providers?

Yes, they do work with all the providers, and so does localization and assistance.

We contract we offer include only reliable services in terms of coverage and speed.

Are the external aerials required?

Yes they are, if  better quality and continuity of the service are needed; the routers are delivered with removable original aerials, which might be replaced with other types, depending on the vehicle. The router can be installed in any position.

Is it compulsory to install only certified devices on the vehicles?

The producers require only certified Hardware. All our devices are authorized  for  the installation on the vehicle.

Is the geolocalization a separate module?

The geolocalizer is integrated in the wifi router. It is not necessary to install any other device. The router is delivered with the GPS aerial  for internal use. Our technical service is available to provide all the support for the installation.

Is it possible to test the Wifi service for a short time?

NO, but it is possible to rent it for a short time. In case of cancellation before 24 months of a contract with data service, the cost of deactivation of the phone services will be charged.

it is possible to change the data plan or terminate the contract any time?

You can change the data  plan according to the specific agreements with phone operators that will be communicated in each case.

You can terminate the WiFi On Board service. If the withdrawal of a contract with data service happens within 24 months, telephone service decommissioning costs will be charged.

How does the set up happen?

If you activate the WiFi On Board services, our technical and support personnel will handle with all the configurations and customizations.

Does the configuration have a cost?

The configuration of WiFi On Board system is included in the service fees.

Customizing interfaces or integration with customer ‘s IT structure will be evaluated and budgeted.

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